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Day 1 Carrier Training

FEBRUARY 13, 2020


NEW! 26 SEER Products
Presented by Rob Lambert, Carrier Corporation

Coming soon, the all new industry leading Carrier 26 SEER variable speed cooling units! Rob Lambert from Carrier will walk us through the engineering path that developed this next generation of cooling products, from research, to modeling through the testing phase. With the new serviceability benefits, including the first in the industry to have Bluetooth over-the-air inverter updates, this is the unit you will want to include in your cooling season lineup.


Why Carrier Ductless
Presented by Regan Krupp, Auer Steel & Heating Supply

Our full line of Carrier® Ductless Systems is ideal for a variety of installation scenarios and the perfect solution to many customers’ comfort needs. Suddenly, it’s easy to control hard-to-heat or hard-to-cool areas, limited space isn’t so limiting and solving comfort issues becomes easy, cost-effective and energy efficient. With Carrier Ductless, address hot and cold spots in your home, get more use out of your all-seasons room or make working in the basement, garage or attic more comfortable with a ductless system. No ducts? With Carrier Ductless, it’s no problem. In this class, we will be covering Carrier’s ductless product offering, key sales and performance features, and different types of application where you may not have realized Carrier Ductless is the answer. Come find out how Carrier Ductless can solve those difficult to fix hot and cold spots, be the main heating and cooling system or supplement entire homes, add-ons, basements, garages, man caves, and much more. Turn to the Experts at Carrier Ductless to keep your customers comfortable and happy.


Winners Go for 2
Presented by Mike Daniels, Auer Steel & Heating Supply
Is your Team one of those who is always looking for an added advantage, giving you that extra point to win more? Anyone can kick the extra point, as it’s almost automatic. But winners go for 2. In this presentation we’ll reveal what the data shows as 2 key components winning Dealers seem to have in common to win more profitable sales and sell more deluxe equipment.

2:00 pm

Upcoming Regulatory Changes You Need to Know
Presented by Hillary Heyerdahl, Carrier Corporation

As we are well aware, many updates in technology have roots in regulatory change. Hillary Heyerdahl from Carrier Corporation will give you a look into the future of HVAC regulatory changes and how CABY is meeting the requirements. She will take you through  upcoming changes to equipment testing procedures, min SEER efficiency changes and the new refrigerants on the horizon. Don’t be unaware of what the future holds for HVACP equipment, attend this presentation.


Best Practices for the Successful HVAC Contractor
Presented by Auer Steel Territory Managers

In an industry like ours that is continually changing, it is important to constantly be looking for ways to be more effective and more efficient. Join us as a panel of Auer Steel Territory Managers present some of the Best Practices from successful dealers across our 4-state territory. Whether you are looking for installation, service or front office best practices, this is the session you won’t want to miss.


Mini Service Manager's Roundtable 
Presented by Mike Breen, Auer Steel & Heating Supply

Join us for an open discussion with the Auer Steel Technical Support team. We field thousands of calls a year and will be sharing solutions to the most frequent questions we receive. 

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